Kim Kardashian Makeup: Class at best

Kim Kardashian Makeup Look
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Kim Kardashian Makeup: Creative

Every girl’s routine involves makeup. It doesn`t have to be a heavily loaded kind of makeup, just a seamless base with nude lips and wispy lashes would do the work. Makeup is a sense of expression and identity for many. Not just females, makeup is meant for everybody who wants to use it, whether it is a man, LGBTQ community whosoever, there is no judging. Makeup makes us feel confident and good about ourselves but sometimes it is difficult to know what kind of makeup would suit your skin the best. There are different styles to experiment with and that is exactly why it is important to explore and take inspiration from various celebrity makeup look. The best person to take tips from is Kim K herself for the ultimate makeup looks ( Kim Kardashian Makeup ).

Kim Kardashian Makeup

We all must have heard about Kim`s iconic looks that she wore to red carpets, galas, and parties. When we think of her, I am sure there is a mental picture of her sharply contoured face and nude lips that flash in our minds. Well, we can also say that this is her “Makeup Aesthetic”. Kim rocks her flawless base makeup and tops it up with a lot of concealer and contour to get that sculpted look. She often goes for nude glossy lips, smokey eyes, and voluminous lashes. Girls! Let me tell you that achieving her look is not an impossible task and wouldn`t even damage your budget.

Nowadays, it is much easier to get premium quality and pocket-friendly products, thanks to all the new-age cosmetic brands. You just need to have a few essentials to achieve her look, a skin-like foundation (prefer a nude tone matching your skin), a light concealer to cover those dark circles, a cream contour stick, a nude lipstick, and falsies or lash extension like Kim has. Now that her secret is revealed you must go and try it (Kim Kardashian Makeup Look).

Kim`s iconic makeup looks:

There have been various looks that were in talks when it comes to Kim. No doubt about it as she has a perfect team of artists and her dear friend, Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. She, herself has an innate knowledge of cosmetics being in the show business for years. Over the years, we got to see a huge evolution in her makeup styles and choice. Nonetheless, Kim never fails to serve some flawless, Jaw-dropping looks. Kim`s barely-there look, bold lip look, smudgy liner, and smokey eyes are her go-to.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Look
Kim Kardashian Makeup Look

Kim Kardashian`s straight out of the shower makeup look was smoking hot and sizzling. She adorned this look at the Met gala 2019 and since then this look is one of her most iconic looks on the list. Kim also comes live on Instagram and does her makeup live in front of people. You can follow her if you like and grab some tips directly from her. For those of you who don`t already know, Kim is following the path of her younger sister Kylie and has launched a cosmetic brand in partnership with her friend Mario, KKW beauty. You can check that out too, some of her products are just impeccable.

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