Jungkook Aesthetic: Impeccable Fashion Statement

Jungkook Aesthetic
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Do you agree that celebrities are the major fashion promoters? I do, and let`s admit we all stock stars online to take inspiration from their looks. We all love to recreate these looks, don`t we? Out of all, South Koreans have the best fashion sense, in my opinion. Don`t you just love the way they dress? So soft yet sexy, stylish yet simply put together. BTS, the biggest boy band in South Korea, has the best sense of style and every outfit of theirs is swoon-worthy. The best part is that each member has a different kind of aesthetic and serves us drool-over looks. While all of them are incredibly stylish, my personal favorite (and bias) is Jeon Jungkook Aesthetic .

Who is Jeon Jungkook: Aesthetic

I mean, is that even a question! But if you still don`t know, let me tell you that Jeon Jungkook or Jungkook Jeon is the youngest member of the South Korean Boy band BTS. Amongst all the 7 members, he is the Maknae (Youngest in Korean).

Jungkook Aesthetic
Class of Jungkook Aesthetic

He is 24 years old and celebrates his birthday with us, Army every year on September 1st. Jungkook joined BTS at a very young age of 15 years and he is the lead vocalist of the Band. He got multiple offers before joining Bighit entertainment but lucky for us he choose Bangtan as I cannot imagine BTS to be as perfect as it is now without its Golden Maknae. You must be wondering why he has this nickname. Well, our man here is extra talented, apart from his ultimate vocal skills, he is also a great dancer, painter/artist, muscle bunny, he edits and makes videos by the name of golden closet films, he is good at everything and thus he is named as “Golden Maknae”. Jungkook also sings singles and has collaborated with many other artists.

The man is exceptionally beautiful, good-looking, smoking hot, and cute as a bunny all at the same time. He is often at the top of the trending list and has won over many hearts. He is indeed a charming personality and a delight to watch.

Jungkook Aesthetic

Now when it comes to BTS, their looks are always top not and thanks to their stylist they look dashing every time they step out. Although, their normal day dressing sense is also very chic. The same is with Jungkook, I have never seen this boy ill-dressed. He wears stylish clothes and even if there is nothing too awesome about it his wearing them makes the outfit look worth buying. Jungkook usually likes to wear boyfriend fit, oversized outfits on a casual day like on a V-live, Airport look, over even at mic checks. You will mostly find him wearing an oversized sweatshirt, jacket, or overall. Jungkook also wears a modern version of Hanbok too.

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He gives out E-boy vibes with his all-black outfit with a cap/bucket hat and chunky boots. He sometimes also gives soft boy vibes too. Jungkook looks sexy and jaw-droppingly good at the concerts and extremely cute and fluffy like a bunny otherwise. You can easily achieve his looks though, buy some oversized outfits, a bucket hat, and big bolder boots and you are good to go.

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